Welcome to TLS

Welcome to TLS Basketball Club!!


Welcome to our club. The club has been in existence since 1977. We currently have twenty four teams competing in the Broadmeadows Basketball Association. We hope you enjoy your experience within your team and club environment and make the most of your playing experience.


Fun Fun Fun

Basketball is a great way to have fun, keep fit and meet new friends. Make sure you bring a smiley face, your listening ears and good attitude with you to all your “team” sessions. There is no “I” in team, please respect your club/team officials, fellow team members and their parents, we are all on the same team! Every person on our team is important, always concentrate on the things that YOU need to do well, encourage your team mates and give 100%. If something isn’t going right, don’t point the finger at others, look within to see what YOU can do to help or do better.

We encourage you to bring along your family and supporters to all our games, and encourage them to cheer and support!



Club Fees are due prior to the beginning of each season. Registration forms will be handed out by your team manager with all the information you need to know. Current registration is $85.00 and uniforms are $75.00. There are also other Club items such as training tops and hoodies that are also available. You can contact the uniform coordinator for further information. Each week you will need to pay the door fee of $2.50, at the stadium where you play and contribute $8-$10 for the scoresheet fee.



We expect all players to show commitment to both training sessions and fixtured games. Coaches and the committee put a lot of time and effort into making sure we have everything in place for you to get the most out of your training. Should you not be able to attend a training session or game you must contact your team manager or coach as soon as possible. Contact means…. you MUST speak to them and explain the situation, not send and email or a text message. If you are unable to make contact with your coach your team manager is your next call. If they too are unreachable, please call the boys or girls coordintor. Please have these numbers in your phone in case of emergencies.


Team Selections

While we do not hold selections or tryouts for our domestic teams, the committee do endevour to arrange children in to teams that are first and formost, appropriate for their basketball development. We understand, that children like to play with their friends, as a Club we feel that it is our responsibility to place each child in a team where they will develop to the best of their ability. Although the competition allows for up to 10 children in any given team, our club policy is a maximum of 8 where ever possible. This allows for all children to have adequate court time. There are occasions that we do need to put more than 8 to accomodate all club members. This will only be done at the coaches and clubs discretion, if there are no other alternative teams available.



Your training time and venue will be advised at the beginning of each season. Where possible they remain the same, though as children progress through the age groups, training times usually get later to accommodate the younger children in the earliest time slots.

You need to be there and ready to start at the given time with your water bottle, wearing your appropriate training gear and of course your runners with a non slip/non marking sole.

There will be parts of training that you may not enjoy, but all activities and drills are designed to help you and improve your skill and fitness. We ask that you always have a go….you may not succeed at first but with practice you can do anything!


Team Manager

All teams have an appointed team manager. They are responsible for collecting payments, coordinating uniforms and providing you with any club information that you will need in your time with TLS. A contact list with all players and team officials’ details will be provided. I ask that if you are unable to attend either training or a game that you contact either your team manager or coach. We suggest we have a rotation each week of the team scorer so everyone can get to enjoy the game without having the scoring responsibilities every week. Please let your team manager know if you would like to learn how to score.



You need to be at the venue at least 10 minutes before game time dressed and ready to play. This does not mean getting dressed while your coach is preparing you for the game…Arrive prepared…and ready to play! It sounds silly but….Be sure you have your playing gear and drink bottle with you before you leave home!

Coaches understand that families can have a number of siblings playing at conflicting times. Where possible please try to make arrangements prior to game day to ensure that your child arrives with adequate time to prepare to play. Some children find it quite distressing to be late, and it can be quite disruptive for the team. Please advise your coach if you know that this may be an issue for you prior to game day, so they can ensure that the team as adequate player numbers to start the game and avoid a walkover/fine situation.

Referees, we can’t play without them!! They have a job to do and they are human they WILL make mistakes. Many of the referees in the junior competition are juniors themselves. We will not always agree with their calls but showing them you don’t like their calls will just draw attention to yourself. No player, parent or spectator associated with our club should be talking to the referees during the course of, or after a game. Your coach or club official will take responsibility for dealing with the referees through the appropriate channels if there are any issues.



There are appropriate ways to deal with grievances. If any player or parent/carer has any issues at all we ask that you contact your coach directly.  If the problem can not be resolved, you can also speak a club official. Please do not approach coaches during a game or training session in front other club or team members. Make a time to see them or speak on the phone.


Whether it’s personal or team related, communication should be open and honest. It should be done in an appropriate manner and be constructive. Poor behavior by parents, spectators and players will not be tolerated. Please don’t bottle things up and let them fester when a quick chat through the right channels will see the problem resolved. The most important part of any junior sporting club is the ongoing participation of children in sport.


Player Conduct/Discipline/Penalties

The TLS Basketball Club is a participant in the Broadmeadows Basketball Association which in turn is an affiliate of Basketball Victoria. It is expected that all participants adhere to the Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct.

Please remember when you wear the club colours you are representing yourself, your team and your Club. The Club and Coaches reserve the right to discipline players and club representatives as they see fit. Don’t let this be you.



We have a designated uniform coordinator for the whole club. Generally team managers will communicate with the uniform coordinator, so you should see you team manager to arrange any items you need. Payment must be made at the time you place the order. Wear your uniform with pride!!!!!


Registration/Medical Forms

If you have not completed and returned a registration/medical form please do so as it is most important that the Club has all the most up to date information on hand. All information provided to the Club is kept confidential.


Enjoy your time at TLS