TLS Committee 2014

Hello and welcome to the Summer 2014/2015 basketball season.

Recently TLS Basketball Club held their Annual General Meeting.

As we all know the Club can not function without the committee. Thank you to the parents below who have kindly volunteered to be part of our 2014 committee.

Committee Members for the 2014 calendar year are as follows:

Office Bearers:

President                     Danielle Davernport

Vice President            Russell Guy

Secretary                     Kerry Guy

Treasurer                     Appointment Pending

Club Registrar             Tracey Adams

Uniform Coordinator   Tracey Adams

General/Fundraising:  Nathan Heywood                                  

                                       Michelle Free

                                       Michael Barrilla

                                       Tony Duff

                                       Tonia Scuteri

                                       Cherie Marnell

                                       Raelene Kirk                                 

The Committee welcomes all parents to attend committee meetings throughout the year. Please feel free to come along or let us know if you wish to help out in any way.